About Us


HELP FOR YOU is an outgrowth of the clinical and spiritual work of Dr. Paul Looney and his colleagues in private practice at Woodlands Church. There are many tools and resources they have found helpful over the years and HELP FOR YOU is an effort to make them readily available to those in need. 

Dr. Paul works with individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulty resolving personal and interpersonal problems. He is a board certified psychiatrist and a pastor at Woodlands Church, overseeing lay counseling and recovery ministries. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Abilene Christian University and a medical degree and residency in psychiatry from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He served as a physician in the prison system and as campus physician for Sam Houston State University. He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

Dr. Paul has provided a unique blend of counseling, coaching and spiritual direction for over twenty-five years. He has a special interest in addressing issues from physical, spiritual and relational perspectives. He see life as a journey of growth and development, anchoring his work in the connection between human development and spiritual growth. He uses the Beatitudes of Jesus as a cornerstone for his approach.

Dr. Paul uses his skills with a collaborative, coaching style to assist those desiring growth . He sees his job as an opportunity to support and encourage, providing access to resources and perspectives that enable transformation and freedom.

Dr. Paul views the counseling relationship as a partnership, but realizes that the power to change resides in each individual. He sees his role as highlighting both positive and negative patterns, helping each person recognize and utilize strengths while overcoming challenges, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and helping identify and take positive action.

Although Dr. Paul works with people of different backgrounds and faith, he believes that Jesus embodies the way to a full life. He and Teri have been married for over 30 years, and they enjoy their three boys, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. 


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